Who we are

Like most companies, Student Debt Doctor was created out of a need; a need to help people that are struggling and not getting the help they deserve. And when it comes to student loan debt, there are MILLIONS of people-over 40 million actually-exceeding a trillion dollars owed nationwide. With many of these individuals being recent graduates and others being seniors that took loans out to help their children, monthly payments have become unmanageable for many Americans. In order to avoid a collapse in the economy, the government has been forced to create programs to help. And this is where Student Debt Doctor was born.

As with most government programs, one hand has created them and the other hand has made them convoluted and confusing to understand, tedious and time consuming to apply for and virtually zero outreach to the millions of Americans who qualify. Here at Student Debt Doctor, we take the time to collect, prepare and submit all of the necessary documentation to apply for entry into programs offered through the Department of Education. These programs consolidate multiple loans into one, pay off defaulted loans, offer reduced monthly payments (or eliminate monthly payments in some cases), they even forgive entire balances owed after making payments for a specified number of months. There are special programs offered for teachers, others offered for public service employees. In all, there are well over a dozen possible programs that a borrower can choose from.

We pride ourselves on being able to direct each of our clients into the best programs that will ultimately save them the most money and allow them to maintain their other financial responsibilities at the same time. We have a trained team dedicated to taking the time needed with each client to analyze their situation, explain what program they may qualify for, what the requirements are, all during a free consultation. Student Debt Doctor is driven by a philosophy of always doing what is right for our clients, working hard and efficiently and never compromising our ethics.

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